PCIe Device and Cold Boot

After de-capacitor-tating my previous DVB-S2 card while cleaning out the heat sink on my CPU I had to buy a new PCIe Satellite card for my mythtv box (DVBSky S952 v3).

Needless to say yet again I’ve managed to buy some relatively new hardware and had fun getting all the drivers to play nicely with my other TV cards.  I thought it was all sorted – that was until the next day when I found out nothing had recorded.  Turns out from a cold boot (pc shuts-down when not in use and starts up just before a recording) the PCIe card doesn’t get picked up – reboot and its found.  Great…

It seems its either a bug in my BIOS or a slow initialising card (both are buggy in my opinion – the BIOS should ensure all hardware is running and the card shouldn’t be so damn slow).  After playing round with the BIOS settings I’ve found a fix/workaround.  In my BIOS I can change the graphics card initialization order – it seems if I tell it to try start a graphics card in the PCIe X1 slot first (which is actually the tv card) – the card gets picked up.

Hopefully my next motherboard will be more tolerant.


Looks like I jumped the gun.  This does work for a cold boot if powered back on within a few minutes.  Leave it a bit longer and it still fails to pick up the card

A bit of poking around and I’ve found a fix – force the PCIe bridge to rescan (0n 00:04 for me).  lspci might help you identify yours

echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:00\:04.0/rescan

Hopefully this time I should have all my TV cards from a cold boot.

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I’ve just imported all my blog items from Live Journal

It’s 99% waffle which I’m currently editing down a bit.  It’s also typo city so could be a difficult read for some.

Once done maybe I’ll actually post something new here.




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Hello, is there anybody out there?

I take it no one reads Live Journals anymore? If by chance you actually do drop me a quick comment

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Geotagged photos & Android

For some reason my android phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2) leaves out ” GPS Longitude Ref” from its geotag.  This is ok if you happen to live somewhere E, but here on the W side of things everything ends up in the sea for me.

A quick fix is to run exiftool -gps:GPSLongitudeRef=”W against the photos

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Silly networker error message

This has been bugging me for a while.  Every so often after I get a waiting for tape message which is then handeled it get

NetWorker media request: (critical) Waiting for 0 writable volume(s) to backup pool ‘Daily’ tape on

Huh?  I suppose strictly I should go and remove all writable volumes(s) from the pool 😀

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Momentus XT & Linux – No more stuttering!

A while back I got a new HD for my laptop – a Momentus XT. While I haven’t been entirely happy with it – overall it was much improved on the standard laptop hd I had. Load times where quick and a restart no longer meant making a cup of tea.

Recently I’ve been doing some video editing an really started to struggle. For some reason in everything but totem video playback sucked big time. Its was struggling to load the content of the HD and would playback 5 seconds, pause 2, playback 5.

Anyway I decided to try optimise my set-up as if it was an SSD (after all there is 4gb worth of SSD on it). And I’ve got to say big improvement! Video playback is now seamless in all applications. The biggest difference was changing the elevator setting to noop.

If you want to try it see http://opentechnow.blogspot.com/2010/02/linux-ssd-optimization-guide.html for a guide

Update: Still seem to have some issues when launching mplayer by click on a file, but if I run it from command line it seems fine. I also get the same issue with dvbcut. However the noop change does make things run a lot smother than before

Update 2:  Gnome Media player doesn’t suffer from this issue – you may just want to use that instead!

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AutoIT: _WordDocFindReplace in TextBox + Disable Macros

The Default _WordDocFindReplace only works with pretty standard word documents (It’s more the fault of the way VBA’s find function work the word.au3). However thanks to a few VBA samples on the web I’ve managed to come up with some code to get around this issue.

First do your normal find & replace to catch anything in the “normal” layout section. The following code example can then be used to search though each textbox in turn:

For $j = 1 To $oDoc.Shapes.Count ;For 1 to total number of textboxes
	$oDoc.Shapes($j).Select ;Select Text box $j
	$oDoc.Application.Selection.WholeStory ;Select content of textbox
	$oFind = _WordDocFindReplace($oDoc, "01924", "xxxxxx",2,-1) ;Find in current selection

And yes $oDoc.Application.Selection.WholeStory is real! It selects the content inside the text box. The -1 parameter of the _WordDocFindReplace tells it to search just the current select. Using 0 will cause _WordDocFindReplace to select all the normal content and search that, ignoring the textbox

As for disabling Macro’s (for example if you want to stop any automatic macros from firing when open a document) you can use:

$AutomationSecurity=$oWordApp.Application.AutomationSecurity ;Save Settings
$oWordApp.Application.AutomationSecurity=3 ;Disable Macros

To restore the settings use


Hope someone out there finds this useful.

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Ubuntu 10.04 and cupsaddsmb

It seems on my setup cupsaddsmb doesn’t work out of the box (even once drivers are added) the missing finial steps (for my setup is)

  1. Setup Administrators group
    sudo net sam createbuiltingroup Administrators
    sudo net sam addmem Administrators "domain\Domain Admins"
    sudo net sam addmem Administrators "localhost\administrator"
  2. Setup driver push
    sudo chgrp admin /var/lib/samba/printers
    cupsaddsmb -U "localhost\administrator" -a -v

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Cancer and Me: The start?

Given I’ve got time on my hands I’d thought I’d finally try and get this down in writing before I forget.

The story possibly goes back to 2007, although I have no idea if these incidents are really linked, it is possible it has been going on since then.

Late 2007

A couple of times I experienced a pain down bellow. It occurred oddly only at the weekend and was eased by staying lying down. By Monday morning it was clear after drinking plenty of water.

On the third occurrence of it (and while I was still in some pain) I went to the doctors. After a few questions they thought it might be a water works infection or a kidney stone. He took some bloods from me and asked me to drop them off at the hospital for testing (I work there so it easy…) and booked me for an ultrasound.

On the day of the ultrasound I went it, thinking I’m sure the appointment starts before Radiology is open. I turn up and the doors locked, radiology is in darkness and shutters down on reception. I sat down on a bench and waited. Eventually got bored and wondered up and down the corridor. I saw a staff member walk in. Walked back up and noticed lights where still off. Eventually I rang switchboard and asked to be put through, they warned that staff don’t start for another 30min, but they would try. No one answered. So I waited.

Eventually a staff member came out and claimed I was late. Now ok I should have tried the door again, but you should also make it clear that you have to go past the dark corridor, past the shut reception and somehow wonder round to the right place. She wasn’t having any of it and said I missed my appointment, It would go down as a none attendance and I would have to wait for a new appointment. A minute later she must have realised how the misunderstanding came about and I got my scan.

Both came out clear, but as it hadn’t reoccurred I never chased it up. Things just carried on as normal.

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New Blog Post – Time for Change

There a new post up on my blog – it sort of crosses the line between my LJ and the other blog so I’d thought I’d link to it:


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