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Time for a reinstall

Computers crashing and freezing randomly again. No bloody time to reinstall everything either. Linux needs some attention as well – opengl isn’t working properly on it (think its graphics drivers caus it seems to have other graphical related blips). Headphones need rewiring again as well. Might make the lead shorter this time with an extension […]

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Proper Start

Made it into Uni today. Only one lecture mind. Think I’m going out to Club Trop tonight so I may not make it in tomorrow – that’s If Club Trop really has improved from last time I went.

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Good Start

Good start to the new term – missed my first day and haven’t done any work yet. got a feeling this is going to be a long two weeks.

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Ticking off

Oh dear just got a telling off from my isp for accidental posting I made of Enterprise to a news group. By the looks of it they’re going to be kind to me. Not going to do it again though. Just hope this is the last I hear of it (should be – its dated […]

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Back In Manchester

Moved back last night. Went to the pub for a few – fell asleep for 12 hours. That’s about it. Just need to sort out my room, revise for exams and complete my projects report. Oh what joy…

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Foolish bloody online shops

Why does it seem to be the big reatilers who do this? Sorry, in order for you to use this site (and to enjoy a better all-round web experience) you will need to update your browser. The Argos site runs off all browsers from Internet Explorer version 4.01 upwards, and Netscape version 4.07 upwards. Updating […]

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New Style

Got bored so I’ve changed my live journal page style. Think it looks quite good. This is about as artistic as I can get. Oh well back to work I go…

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Power Cut

Pah woke up early because of an over energetic brother switch everything in the house on because of a power cut. Not fair. I was going to sleep in today. Oh well maybe I’ll get some revision done today, then again. Just hope the thing stays on its a bit cold in here and I […]

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Exams Fixed

Ah it appears they can be fixed after all. Got an e-mail today from some random admin person saying the duff exam had been removed. If so why did the 3rd Year tutor say they can’t? Oh well at least it one more thing I can forgot about now.

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Exam Update

Well I don’t have to take a trip to Manchester, I can put it off tell I have to be in Uni anyway. still you’d thought with it been the computer science department and the timetables been online you could sort it some other way other than turning up in person.

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