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Was pretty nasty. As such moved onto the su for a few hours, then to my local for a few more.  Bought a bottle of wine, fell asleep in the common room and went to bed for a while. Got up drank the rest of the wine and watched random TV programs on my computer […]

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Domain Registry of America

Avoid! The sent me in the post today a letter which looks very much like an invoice to renew my domain – The whole strategy appear to be to dupe people into paying up (there name is even an attempt to fool people). The notice isn’t as bad from what I’ve herd about this […]

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Opera & LJ

It appears that the new version of opera (well the next one from the one that crashed) does NOT lock up with lj any more. Hurray.

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Hall Party’s

Bloody Hall partys. The people who organise them seem to have a distinct problem in actually picking a good date. They’ve gone and picked the 2nd – just when I’ll want to start revision again after seeing the family mahone.

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Pub Quiz

The team I was on, “Legless Ladybirds”, won the Pub Quiz this week, after last week’s second Prize. best thing is we managed to stop Dave The warden’s team from wining 3 weeks in a row. Prize: 24 Bottles of Becks to share. Oh yeah I also had and exam (which went well),and got a […]

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Matrix and Stuff

Saw Matrix twice on Thursday. Much better Movie than most people make out. Then again I like sci-fi and I can sort of follow the story. The only problem is they don’t know the limits of current movie technology and fx so a few of the effects suffered a bit. Overall – Good movie in […]

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Well this is what I’ve done since my last posting Thursday: Been to a Cooper Temple Clause Gig – Review: Bloody brilliant Went to Jillys afterwards – Review: Too Much to drink Friday: Got up late some revision Some drinking Watched “The Wall” Saturday: Got up later again Watched “Star Wars Episode 2” Sunday: More […]

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Weekend and Stuff

What happened at the weekend: Nowt. Basically I watched a load of movies, did no work, watched some TV and tidied up a little. Didn’t do much today either, went to Uni for and hour or two, sorted out my Uni folder and computer and that’s about it. Off to go to see Oceansize at […]

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Its Done

My Project Report is finally done, printed and handed in. Just need to revise for my exams no. First I think its time to today my room so I can find stuff again and go to Jilly’s. Then maybe revision.

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Need Sleep

Been up now for approaching 30 hours – all to get a project report done, and the person I’ve to hand mine in isn’t even here today. Not fair 🙁 I’d goto bed but I might get up at a stupid time, or wake up then not be able to get to sleep and screw […]

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