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The Update

Right here what missing from my LJ. The show I was doing went really well, Thursday been the best night – good audience and low on mistakes for everyone involved. While Saturday had a good audience as well, the actors didn’t seem to be on form. After the last show – packed up some of […]

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Just got my university results and I’ve graduated with a 2:2 – not bad considering I was seriously worried that it may just be a pass. Just need a job now.

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Odd Speakers

Still can’t be bothered to write a proper update so I’ll go on about the odd speakers my brothers found. What made me wonder is they look fairly ugly things (espically if you take the covers off) but the sound pretty nice. A bit of diggin on the net and I found there a pair […]

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Might actually have a go at spending my HMV vouchers that I won last year on the SoC as I’ll be going near HMV on the way to catch the train back home.

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Things haven’t gone too bad – first night nearly fell of a followspot box cause someone had moved it so I was standing on the edge – but I got away with it almost. No one complained anyway. Generally everyone made a few mistakes – but we sort of got away with it. Backstage seem […]

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Follow spot

Looks like I’m going to be on follow spot for the show I’m helping at – assuming I’m any good at it (I’m going home on Sunday to have a go at the rehearsal and to get used to the one I’m going to be using.) Anyway the shows called “South pacific” and apparently theres […]

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In some amazing miracle I may have actually passed todays exam. Still if he’d managed to ask stuff on lectures I’d turned up I would have done much better.

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Going Home

Appears I’ll be home sooner than I thought – although I’ll probably come back for Torremolinos then go back again and end up back in Manchester once more (if the monetary situation allows that is.) Why? Well looks like I’m involved in a week long show at the town hall staring this Monday (well dress […]

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Exam: Update

The exam was called Information Retrieval Hypermedia and the web in case anyone was wondering. It actually didn’t go to bad – the coffee and food had finally kicked in and I was actually awake. Hopefully the lecturer isn’t to obsessed with keywords and I should get a decent mark. Probably could have got a […]

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Crappy Day

Had too much to drink last night (although not all that much) and now I’ve fucked up my stomach again. Its bad enough having a hang over – but this is much worse. What makes it worse is that no pain killers actually seem to work. Luckily its mostly cleared up but still I hardly […]

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