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Dry Ice

The show was going to be using dry ice. No longer. Therefore we have 2.7 bags of the stuff. Anyone got any ideas what we could do with the stuff (assuming the other two bags are remaining after Sunday.)

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Ossett Town Hall Part 2

There’s a bloody market in it today – great. Had to carry some very heavy pieces of equipment (including a 2k follow-spots) from a car park, across a road, round the side of the hall, up some steps and then well onto the balcony. Not the nicest of jobs. Oh yeah we’ve also got 1 […]

July 15, 2003 · robert · 6 Comments
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Ossett Town Hall

Ossett town hall has now become the worst venue I’ve ever seen. It has one advantage over Dewsbury that it has some curtains but that’s it. First I’ll start with the building itself – very iffy states in parts. The stage front was an addition to the building and seems very unsecure. To this is […]

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I’ve well and truly finished Uni now. Dam I need to get a job 🙁

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CD Mastering

Just helped with the setting out of some concert my mate recorded ages ago. Made a few prototype copies of the concert, complete with hidden tracks made up of little snippets of compare. On the first one something telling the listener to sit down and listen to something else and the second CD making good […]

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The Music Concert went down pretty well. . Charjd (The Band who played at the end) where pretty good. Lead vocals wasn’t great – but luckily the gig didn’t end on his vocal – the basist sang at the end – Surfin in the USA. Production wise it was very nice – having a number […]

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School Concert

Should be good this year – spent an entire day prepare the lighting and some of the stage alone – still some lighting to do tomorrow as well.

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