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The Reason

We’ll found out the reason why we weren’t needed. Apparently a new member of the group has decided the soloist don’t need mics, therefore we weren’t needed. However this was taken about a week ago. No one thought to mention it to us. Luckily some contact in the group happened to mention it in passing. […]

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Not Wanted

Apparently we’re not wanted for the gig thingy at the church tomorrow. Thanks for letting us know so soon …. After all the planning and even a visit. Ok it only take about an hour max, but its the principal. Not even been given a reason. Bah.

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Search for RADSL modem on google…. and the seconds result is my MRTG page. Time to stick the ad code in me thinks 🙂

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Back to the dreadful venue again. However this time we have a plan…. Leave the god damn awful rig alone and use our own. Yep the budgets going on multicores and we’re putting up our own rig and hanging thing of there. Well its sort of a plan. Thanks to the poor power supply shouldn’t […]

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Turn On Terry

Anyone watch this? Great TV program, seems to feature less TV shows every week. It can be very poor some weeks, but others are just funny – like tonights. Plus its hosted In a Club in Manchester I used to go to.

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Disappearing Hard Drive

I thought the problem of the hard drive vanishing was something to do with my old music HD, which won’t cold start anymore. However today its looks like its not.  A while back I bought a new 60gb HD, so I removed the old music one and made my old primary hd the store hd. […]

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A few pointless LJ stats

pobice’s Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 7 Average number of words per sentence: 16.45 Average number of syllables per word: 1.36 Total words in sample: 2878 Analyze your journal! Username: Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern pobice is worn out. Sleep when you’re dead! Whether it’s emotionally or physically, you’re exhausted. Have you considered sleeping […]

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Dads Birthday

Its my Dads Birthday tomorrows, and I’ve only just got his card today. I was going to get in the afternoon, but I had to stay in for some parcel. As usual Mum was very helpful in reminding me that I had to get my Dad a card, but at the same time stay in. […]

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Properly Mixed the two tracks we got down on the multitrack last week. Funnily enough thanks to a reconfigure phase problem no longer apparent. Then again probably moved onto the studio speaker end, rather than the minidisc end. Not to much of a problem considering the phase was switched on the speakers to listen back […]

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Wish I had more money. Then I could have moved away from the host who forgot (or system forgot) to renew my domain. Looks like I’ll have to stick with em for the next year.

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