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Well they’ve finally arrived at 1:30 today, so cabling still to do. Oh well at least its a few more hours worth of pay, even if it was lucking forward to a 10 start every day. Cabled testing went well, although we’ve got a feeling theres going to be a lot of mystery one where […]

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New Switches

Well 3com managed to deliver some of the switches I was going to be installing to themselves instead of the school. How clever was that. Hopefully they turn up tomorrow, as on Wednesday there a revision/catch up class in the one of the rooms which is probably going to be on this switch. Anyway we […]

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You’ve got a 486. 500mb hard driver. Which OS do you install. Well some bright spark choose windows Me. Yes we actually found a 486 (all ISA slots and no PCI) with a working (well possibly, we didn’t have the time to wait for it to boot) version of windows me installed. You have to […]

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Note To Staff & Sixth Form

If your computer broken, we can’t fix it unless you tell us. Its not out job to go round everyday and fully test every single machine/printer and computer related gubbins. Extra Note to sixth form. Don’t write a letter to the head complaining that nothing works, when we have yet to receive a single complaint […]

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Hurray another two weeks of work. Had fun today the admin server just completely gibed and the crap software (along with the crap installation of it) started breaking its self. Luckily we predicted this and took a back up of it. It may work for tomorrow, but then again it may not.

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Locked in Room

Nearly got locked in a room (well thought I had for a while). I was putting a computer in an art room and setting it up (well an art work room in between two.) During this work the bell went for lesson change over and both teaches then preceded to lock the rooms, leaving me […]

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Tip: When hardware starts failing start to source replacements.

Had some fun today. The 3 biggest switches in school decided to suddenly give up (also knocking out a router with spurious traffic). Now apparently its being doing this for a while, but the ICT support guy hasn’t yet got round to getting quotes to replace them. The same laziness probably damaged them in the […]

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Show and Job

First day went well, although still a few things to find out (code to staff room door – I managed to get the main door code, but not the internal doors). Spent most of the day rebuilding and re-installing the backlog of computers that had build up in the IT room, as well as sorting […]

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Well they went ok, cast had some pretty iffy moments (usually do first day in the venue). New demux is working a treat. All we need to do is get the sound system running properly as it was a bit crap tonight on that front.

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I may have a temp job. The Head Master from the local school I occasionally help at with backstage gubbins just rung and offered my the temp job of ICT technician while the current ones off ill. Its for two weeks, or whenever I get a job which ever occurs first. Hopefully by Friday I’ll […]

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