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Well in the process of upgrading sims (luckily it wasn’t me) a number of errors had to fixed, including one involving a phone call the manufacturer of the software. Not only that but it crashed out the server at one point. Wonder if it’ll actually work properly on Monday.

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Good news and Undeiced News

I finally got paid today. Although I’m still in debt. Hopefully by next time I should no longer be in debt (minus the student loan) and I can finally inform the bank that I am no longer a student. Also I’ve herd the technician I’m doing relief work is back next week. From what I’ve […]

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Sound Quality

Does how good things sound no longer matter these days? I’ve seen a few foreign TV caps of various festivals and the sound quality was appalling. I mean it sounded as if they’d got sound for the show by sticking a few mics dotted around the stage. I’ve seen stuff on the net which has […]

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Seen on tiggs LJ

The Potion Maker pobicenium is a milky, runny puce gel derived from the bones of an orc. Mix with pobice! Username: Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

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A mediocre dentist adventure

What a fun days I’ve had today. I’d got the morning off to go to the dentist meaning I could have a lie in. Sound pretty good to me. However it all started badly as soon as I started to look for some cash so I could get the bus to the dentist. It had […]

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A certain computer company

Having fun with a certain computer company, who will remain unnamed (unless you ask me nicely). Some of the computer that are still in warranty happen to have been supplied by this company, which happens to be going down the drain. Last week they returned some computers we sent back faulty without the warranty stickers […]

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PC World

Well I’ve just bought something from there (well my parents did). Pretty good deal too £60 for a canon i450 printer. Think it was one of them deals where they lure people into the shop then proceed to flog them something much more expensive. However we simple just looked round the store and found where […]

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Just found a possible explanation for why the schools admin software hasn’t been working properly. During a upgrade to the system we discovered the path to one of the various database, all stored using different dB systems and languages was well, wrong. Not only was it wrong but it was point to a drive which […]

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Can’t log onto webchat tonight. Could either be because the arses have banned bto completely AGAIN or they’ve limited the same IP to just one connection. Oh that’s just great when both me, my brother and logbot use webchat, sometimes at the same time. I’d disconnect the bot to see if it lets me on […]

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Just been to the squash club and it was pretty reasonable, shame it was far too loud. Maybe they should back off the mic

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