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Live journal

Well I’ve paid to use it at last. It was only 2 hours work worth of money and I thought what the heck. How ever really must get round to paying off my overdraft – the bank must be onto my non-student statement and will be trying to charge me interest at any point. Any […]

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Millennium Square (Leeds)

Got to go backstage at Millennium Square Leeds Well ok some of it – all the dressing rooms where closed – but saw a lot of PA. Its smaller than I thought – but its well kept to say its used fairly often. Also a nice power supply – which the gigs I do there […]

December 29, 2003 · robert · 9 Comments
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DSL Dropping

Think I’ve just cracked why the dsl line drops – theres crackling on the line again. Very intermittent though and its goes on it own at the moment. Averaging about one drop per day at the moment. Luckily it comes back up again – just need to drop it manually occasionally to get the upstream […]

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More Stupid Wanna be Hackers

Today we found another user for the ‘naughty users’ unit (I’d didn’t name it honest). They happened to have a copy of the password list on their network driver. I mean how stupid is that. You get a nice password list so you store on the machine that the passwords are for. Hmm clever. Also […]

December 18, 2003 · robert · 3 Comments
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Script kiddies

So you’ve got hold of a admin password. What do you do? Well someone logged into usermin, sent an e-mail, not only using @www. etc but got the username wrong. Then deleted all admin mail. Didn’t even try to use webmin. This kindly left us an IP address of which to report to the ISP. […]

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Well what a day Thursday turned out to be. Got into school and found some had hacked into the e-mail servers and trashed it (IE deleted almost everything). Later found out they done the same to the webcache, but as you have to get into the e-mail servers first to get to the webcache it […]

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Heres some nicer photos from work. Server Room (well server racks) by night You can view more here:

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Thief 2

Just heard there was two breaking. Someone broke in and turned the cctv system off. Nice of them to do that as it confirms nicely to what time they broke in. Might be time to put the web-cams we’ve got spare to some use if they visit again. Either that or we swap the computer […]

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Someone broke into work over the weekend and stole one computer and smashed another one up. Heres a picture of what was waiting for me when I came in the morning: Nice eh. Hope they get caught. Epically as the PC only cost £200. In fact the monitor the stole with it costs just as […]

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Hurray the nice CCTV is working, plus with the port forwarding of SSH if I such wished I can view the CCTV system from home. Not that there much to see anyway (epically as someone turned of the auto wind screen whipper of the big outside one, so its a bit of a blur with […]

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