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Just about got away with that one. Due to the lack of a decent sight I was a little iffy on it. Also managed to find the quick release all gel feature – a bloody annoying one which ensures a small panic to put the gels back in and remove the blackout before the cue. […]

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Oklahoma – FOH Sound

Hurray I managed not to make a balls up of the sound. A few mistakes here and there – but then that’s to be expected considering I’d managed to make myself a bit nervous over it (don’t know why – I’ve done bigger gigs in the past). The only difference really was new director and […]

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Been dragged into help with this show. Very professional people running it. Very nice theatre too. I’m probably going to be doing sound on Friday and maybe followpost on Saturday. I’ve worked with the people backstage before, but non of the front stage people. Anyway what the heck its a good show and because its […]

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Panto – Dick Whittington

Well it was pretty much a success. No completely full houses – but neither were there any really empty ones. When the numbers were down the expensive seats were sold anyway – so looks like Collegians are set for another year – good job because it’s a source of a lot of gear for us […]

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Train Fair Madness

Probably doing a gig on Saturday in Wakefield so I’ve been looking up the train fair price to get there. The train Dewsbury to Wakefield goes via Leeds. As such you’d think it would cost more than Dewsbury to Leeds but no it actually costs less. How the hell do they work that out?

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DSL Problems

Might have finally found out the source of all the problems with my DSL connection. Couple of days ago it started to drop and would not re-synch for ages. As I was busy I couldn’t be arsed to do much about it and just found something else to do until it did. However today I […]

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Panto News

Oh dear looks like the first nights going to be a bit ropey from us – which is semi-alright as its a Tuesday night and cheap tickets anyway. So the audience must expect some slip ups. Why is this? Well because we’ve just learnt that Sunday is the technical and dress rehearsal – as far […]

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War Planned Before Sept 11th All I can say is … Yikes. Edit: Looks even worse now:

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Its snowing. Haven’t seen snow in years

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