Been dragged into help with this show. Very professional people running it. Very nice theatre too. I’m probably going to be doing sound on Friday and maybe followpost on Saturday. I’ve worked with the people backstage before, but non of the front stage people. Anyway what the heck its a good show and because its all set up the sound should be easy.

However from what I’ve herd from someone who did the followspot tonight there’s a few problems – basically the followspots shit. Not enough Handle space, no real sights and its got a frosted gel into make it worse, so you can see where the beam is going to be, nor can you even see it until the audience can. Great.

Theatre wise its much better than where the panto was – however it actually seats less people. In fact I think the accidence size was possible similar to the worse night of the panto. Take a look at it here anyway: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bradford/360/version2_wakefield_theatre_royal.shtml

January 28, 2004 · robert · Comments Closed
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