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Oh dear looks like the first nights going to be a bit ropey from us – which is semi-alright as its a Tuesday night and cheap tickets anyway. So the audience must expect some slip ups.

Why is this? Well because we’ve just learnt that Sunday is the technical and dress rehearsal – as far as we know Monday was dress. Why is this a problem well one of us can’t make it on Sunday – so I’m doing sound that night, when I’m meant to be doing followspot – so It’s likely that I’ll miss a few cues and not know who I’m meant to be spotting. Plus the bloke who is doing sound is likely to balls up a few times on the first night having not gone through the show properly and possibly even not knowing the limit of the system if Town Hall don’t allow us in early. To make matters worse there going to be only 3 of us on Sunday with 4 jobs – two followspot ops, sound and lighting.

Going to be an interesting first night. Oh well theres 8 or 9 shows to get it right.

January 14, 2004 · robert · Comments Closed
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