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March 25, 2004 · robert · Comments Closed
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Ouch something had gone a bit wrong on someone computer and they had 5mb worth of short-cuts in their profile – no wonder it was taking ages to load over a remote link. That’s a rot of files. Took blooming ages to delete – never mind copy across. Exchange is working today (after been down […]

March 19, 2004 · robert · 2 Comments
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Well that was the shortest Dentist appointment ever. Right that tooth screwed, going to have to take it out. Have you been referred to the hospital about it? Yes Right I’ll write a letter to them to have a look at it and plan how to get the thing out. No charge either 🙂 Why […]

March 11, 2004 · robert · 2 Comments
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Wisdom Tooth

I’ve got a sideways growing Wisdom Tooth. Not only that but its a side ways wisdom tooth with a hole in it now. Lets just hope it doesn’t require taking it out as its apparently near quite a lot of nerves, which sounds bloody painful to me – and given that my current job means […]

March 7, 2004 · robert · One Comment
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Hello. Anyone?

Well the phones have stopped ringing now. Had about 5 calls betweeen 3 of us in the past hour. Running out of things to do now. Even the news sites seem to be slow today.

March 4, 2004 · robert · One Comment
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