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Hurray its been re-newed with no obvious down time.

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Web Host

Will it stay or will it go. Last year my web host failed to re-new my domain on time and went missing for a day or two. They appear to have done it again. I’d move but Its crept up on me, and well its a bit late now and can’t move until my […]

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F’ing Brother

Right I’m back of holiday. Get in everything looks fine, there a a large amount of washing but I expected that. Later last night I wanted a drink. No juice to be found anywhere. Go for a pint of milk its off. Decided I better take the rubbish down to the bin and find the […]

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Its seg faulting like mad at the moment. Lucky to get about 24 hours worth of use out of it. Suspect there something iffy on the swap partions – so I turned it off altogether. Will be interesting to see how well it works without it

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I was very tired on Friday, but non the less I decided to go to Bradford Tavern to catch up with a mate. Reasonably good setup where a few more mics leads and lanterns wouldn’t go a miss. On tonight were 4 punk bands, but it was hardly packed (more band members than audience). He […]

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