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Just had to prove I was eligible to work in the UK as part of getting my new Job. That doesn’t sound too odd till you consider I’ve been doing this job on a temp contract for 3 months and have worked for the same people for the past 7 months

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I’ve got the job. I’m in full time employment. Hurray!

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Right I’m buying stuff for my new server. Bought off ebay a A-BIT VP6 motherboard. 4 mem slots, dual socket 370 cpus, 4 ide ports (2 of which provide raid support), 5 pci slots and 1 agp slot. Already have a P3 933 and plan to get another one so I can run it dual […]

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Just had an interview for my current job. Was a little backward to be honest, not to mention a little odd. Think I did well enough to get a permanent contract. Certainly hope so, else well I’m out of a job 🙁

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Last Entry

In case you where wondering what the last entry was about here a comment I posted to me rants site about it: I’ll try make things a little clearer’s (as I’ve lost the rest of what I had of that show). The show was about Ilisu Dam, which Mark Thomas lead a campaign to stop […]

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American and English Duality

Not going to say much as yet but just have a listen to this (or for a hq version ). Also posted on my rants site:

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