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Iraq will pay $200m in war reparations

Not only that, but it all appear to go to major fucking greedy companies. Not very fair is it, we invade a country, fuck it up completely then have the balls to steal money of it

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Good News

Good News everybody – my new sever is back on track after getting a usb keyboard, which can talk to the bios. As I have two usb controllers at least if I blow one up I have a spare 🙂

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Music Concert

Well we’ve had yet another last concert at SJF, and maybe by the tenuous link of one out of the 4 band members still goes to SJF, we’ll have another couple of last gigs. I’d got the day off, all ready for an early Start at 6:30, with a H&S drilling from the care taker […]

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I need a night out

Its been ages since I’ve had a night out. Problem is by Friday I’m a bit worn out, and on Saturday only people who want to go out go to the sort of places I don’t want to go to. Going to have to get over to Manchester sometime I suppose, either that or just […]

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