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Just done another gig for a band called Requiem. Between us this is the third time, however it was in a different venue called The Y Bar in Skipton. I didn’t have anything to do with the setup thanks to arriving late. The venue was rather odd being a wine bar type place, but it […]

December 28, 2004 · robert · 2 Comments
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Power Cut

Had a little power cut today. Lasted for just over an hour and kicked in at about 10:30. No idea what caused it either, and the house is still a little cold (apart from the front room which has a gas fire)

December 26, 2004 · robert · One Comment
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Bit Torrent

Well looks like bit torrent is stumbling. Its been good to me for over 2 years. The question is what next? There still a good few trackers out there, and I’ll hopefully be using it less and less one I get my second TV card. Thinking about also giving up on my tracker. I’m going […]

December 19, 2004 · robert · One Comment
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Charity Show

Done another show at Dewsbury Town Hall this weekend. It was for charity, although it was also giving people chance to play in a large venue. There was a band, some Drama thing, a monologue, pipe band and a swing band. Maybe a few others I didn’t see. Setup was relatively easy. New amp rack […]

December 12, 2004 · robert · Comments Closed
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BATS Christmas Cracker

Shows have all gone pretty well, and comments have mostly been good (apart from some whines about where paying them £1000 they shouldn’t miss things). Well £1000 doesn’t go very far when we use 60 9v batteries, theres probably 40k worth of audio gear, maybe even more. 2 Followspots, 24 par cans, 8 sl’s, a […]

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