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Student Loan Company

The threshold for paying back student loans has now shot up. In fact its gone up so much that on the debt I had when I left uni you would have to earn 22,000 a year to pay of the interest alone (you pay 9% of what ever you earn over the threshold, currently this […]

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Looks like I could be going to two festivals this year – firstly Download at donington Park (Feeder, Black Sabbath and System of A Down). While I’ve seen all but Sabbath already there are a number of other bands I want to see. These are Velvet Revolver, Megadeath, Slipknot and Slayer – plus a few […]

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On saturday I went to Bradford to help my mate out at the Market Tavern in Bradford as there was six bands on. Once we finally got there (the bus takes for ever) found out the bands had already arrived. We cracked on and started to look at the dodgy connector on one of the […]

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