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Friday & Saturday Night

Managed to get some more paid op works – 11 hours of it @ a not too bad rate of £9 an hour. It was easy work too – basically keeping the volume at a decent level and occasionally playing round with the channels eqs to get it sounding best. As it was a d&b […]

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Birthday Gig

Got involved in a gig for someones birthday. Basically it was a case of playing some music and just doing to sound for one band. The full rig was taken, so things go quite loud towards the end. Myself I was on the monitor desk (which controlled all the backline thanks to the bands transport […]

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TV Card

Bought a cheap second hand digital TV card from ebay (about £35). It appears after some tinkering I’ve got everything working with my new and old card so that I can recording up to two mux worth of tv channels as once – which will probably stop any more development work been done on my […]

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