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Dreaded Restart

My main server (Yes I have two – mainly caus I haven’t yet been parsed to shift the email from the old one to the new one) finally needed a restart after the CD drive stopped responding. This wasn’t so bad apart from the fact the bunch of large changes that had gone on broke […]

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I have managed to collect a staggeringly large amount of Air Miles – A whooping great big……. 1 Couple of months and I’ll have 5 pounds er Miles.

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An evening with Mike Craig

At short notice (although I really should have know this was coming up…) I ended up doing a fund raiseing show for the Dewsbury Collegians in Dewsbury Little Theatre.  Got put on followspot (well sat down and listening and occasionally moving the spot when he went for a drink of water.) All in all quite […]

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Download 2005

I went to download. First day was a bit poor. Managed to catch a few bands full set inc Wednesday 13 (nothing to write home about), Raging Speed Horn (so packed I spent the first 15min outside the tent) and Napalm Death (with just 28 songs in the set). I spent most of the Friday […]

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System of a Down – Hypnotize

Got this album a couple of days ago – its all right. To be honest its more than all right – its easily the best album I’ve bought this year (and I’ve bought shed loads this year). No filler tracks – although it is a little short at 36 min. They progressed musically, with some […]

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