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Just got myself an MGE Pulsar Evolution 1100 UPS. While not all features appear to be supported in Linux (although as yet I don’t have a use for them even if they did work), things are looking promising with them releasing a bunch of linux stuff (including a package repository for both debian and Ubuntu, […]

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Wisdom Tooth Update

Yesterday I was offered an appointment to have my Wisdom tooth taken out today. Unfortunately things haven’t gone so well. They should numb the tooth properly. Even after six injections as still caused pain just testing to see if it was loose. A bit more has some out but its still in and it hurts […]

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I’ve just found out how effective sa-learn is at keeping out spam emails. Over the last week or so the number of spams reaching my mailbox was starting to reach stupid levels and once more outstripping the number of real mails to the point I was missing real emails for the spam. A little digging […]

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Wisdom Tooth

I’ve got the date to take it out at last – Jan the 9th Unfortunately it bloody hurts at the moment. Hopefully it’ll stop for a while or else I’ll go made with more than 2 months to wait.

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Deleting /dev/dvb isn’t such a good idea when you want to use you’re TV card. I was mean to delete /dev/dvd but as I was tired I mispelt it and when it said its a folder thought nothing of it and stuck -r on the end of it. When it came to recording something funnily […]

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Current Projects

Work: Test TN5250 for Windows as a replacement for Teemtalk Test thinstation to allow reuse of slow computer (+ the ten as yet unused blade servers) Finish migrating the Citrix Metaframe XP on 2k applications to the new Presentation Server 4 on 2003 + Loads of other stuff Home: This site Shift the email system […]

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Change of Name

I’ve changed the blogs name – mainly so I have a whinge about windows when I want and not be OT. Anyway Windows Whinge 1: Why have and add remove programs system which 1) Doesn’t list who added the program or when it was added – especially given the fact that even on a locked […]

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