Just got myself an MGE Pulsar Evolution 1100 UPS. While not all features appear to be supported in Linux (although as yet I don’t have a use for them even if they did work), things are looking promising with them releasing a bunch of linux stuff (including a package repository for both debian and Ubuntu, and they appear to be helping with NUT (network ups tools) Project too. Plus its the same colour as my computer case and fits under my desk.

The software (for the moment) does the basics and not much more. Tells you roughly how much time is left on the UPS, the status and current load + battery charge. It also shutsdown the computer – although I have yet to test if this works (might do this later in this week).

No really history as yet – but there is a script for cacti, so I have got history that way :).

November 27, 2005 · robert · Comments Closed
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