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Wisdom Toth

Well I’ve finally had the tooth out (Yesterday), but am feeling a tad rough at the moment. Wasn’t feeling to bad until in the car on the way back I felt sick, and well was. My mouth is that bad, by the throat hurts and Its quite difficult to chew at the moment.

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TV Companys

This rant goes out to most tv company’s broadcasting on Freeview (espically C4). STOP CHANGING THE NAME OF YOU’RE CHANNELS, OR EVEN HOW YOU SPELL THEM. I couldn’t give a toss if you Channel 4, c4, Four, four, 4. Or Channel 5, 5, Five, five just stick with the same name, same spelling and same […]

December 17, 2005 · robert · One Comment
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SMS broke my Citrix Servers

Well ok it didn’t brake them, just upset them a little bit. It appears after some other Hospital installed SMS to our new domain at forest level and didn’t enter in any boundaries, nor exclude servers SMS has ended up on all of the new Citrix serves. This wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t […]

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