SMS broke my Citrix Servers

Well ok it didn’t brake them, just upset them a little bit.

It appears after some other Hospital installed SMS to our new domain at forest level and didn’t enter in any boundaries, nor exclude servers SMS has ended up on all of the new Citrix serves.

This wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for the fact it’s made logon/logoff synchronous – so you have to queue to login, hence some very mysterious pauses in the whole process. The usual debugging tricks didn’t help either. It took a trip to the citrix website and a search of the forums to come up with a couple of MS article on the problem (this affects plan Terminal Services servers too….)

What I have tried is to upgrade the client to the latest version and the home the dam thing to our own system so it won’t slow it down network wise (its on a neighbouring switch – one of them connects to the gig link on the other at present, on the same vlan). Plus it appears to have stopped queuing logons/logoff and just gets on with them. Either that or the client isn’t active enough. I’ll just have to keep an eye on them for when they restart.

So remember when pushing out SMS clients on big multi domain networks – define boundaries before pushing the clients out – and don’t give the clients rights to everyone in the forest if that isn’t what you want. Oh and defiantly don’t install them on servers without checking on any performance hits or operational differences it may cause.

December 13, 2005 · robert · Comments Closed
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