I’ve decided to give Rockbox a test on my iRiver H300.

Initial impressions are good – the GUI is more responsive and playback is good. I like the replay gain feature and the crossfade looks promising (it sometimes produces some pops/click when switching between songs of different codecs at the moment). The upgrade was easy to do, patch the current firmware (can be done using a windows gui tool under wine), upgrade as normal and then drop the files onto the machine. To upgrade rockbox you just have to replaced the files on the players hd with the newer ones – no more firmware to upgrades.

The plugins are good too, and the quality of the picture viewer seems better than the iRiver one (at least for non-optimised pics). The only thing it misses is video, but I can drop back to the normal firmware if needed.

I’m using an experimental build – so some of the bugs may be due to this

See Misticriver for the firmware

+Superfast boot up
+More info
+Quicker GUI
+More Options

-Some features a bit buggy
-Battery life isn’t as good (may be due to some of the options I’m using)

To summarise: I haven’t used the built in firmware for the past two weeks, so well I think its good.

April 15, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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