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Open Source & The NHS

The NHS as a whole doesn’t seem to use any open source, nor does it look like any will be coming (unless the likes of Java get GPL’ed) However at work we have started to look into Open Source. We currently have an every-growing Cati Install. Cacti is a great bit of software – at […]

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Good Wireless News

After a few weeks of use – I can confirm my wireless works well by just starting wp-supplicant. No constant restarting and removing/radding of modules hoping to get a use-able speed. The speed can sometimes be a bit poor – but at least its use-able and doesn’t hinder unless transferring large files.

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Well I must take part of my last post back – it would appear the reason Rockbox was struggling was due to some corrupt files. I would still be nice if it could handle them slightly better and not caus playlist confusion – but now I know the reason behind it at least.

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Rockbox Update

The problems I have been having seem to be due to playlist corruption and nothing else. I may try another upgrade and see if this is fixed. As I am currently using small playlists this hasn’t been a real problem for the past few weeks. Another plus point I have discovered is it plays mp2 […]

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