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LugRadio – Sunday

Sunday – woke up with a minor hangover, but a shower and breakfast sorted this out. This time I got chance to have some toast and coffee. Got down to the SU in plenty of time. On sunday I listened to the following talks: John Leach – Everyone Loves Eric RaymondAnother one of the talks […]

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Ghostscript Issues

Ghostscript in etch produces dodgy pdf files (at least on the 3 or 4 I’ve made). Current version is 8.15.1. PDF files work fine in Linux but not using acrobat reader on windows. However sarge seems fine. Ghost script version in sarge is 7.07.1 Hmm wondering if its a fault with GS 8, will have […]

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LugRadio Live – Saturday

Saturday was the first day of the “Official” event. I eventually got up from simply lying down in the bed for a while (I did get some sleep, but the heat of the room woke me up quite early), went for a shower and then for some breakfast. Sward wanting to get there early so […]

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LugRadio Live – Friday

Last Weekend I went down to Lug Radio Live in Wolverhampton. A great weekend it was too. I got down there about 5ish Friday, then waiting about 30min for Junior ‘s (sward) train to arrive (he missed the one he was meant to be on). As it was the first time either of us had […]

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WPA/IPW2200/Linux/Debian 3

After hearing about Network Manager on LugRadio at Guadec I decided to give it a go. A bit of messing around – including installing the version from Testing I found out I need a new kernel for WPA. Of I went and got 2.6.17 and compiled it. Things of Note: I had to use the […]

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Just added another plug-in to cacti over the last couple of weeks – weathermap. Basically allows you to draw diagrams of you’re network, and it takes data from the rrd files and displays different coloured arrows show the percentage of the link used. Basically allowing you to see whats going on, on your network and […]

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