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Wrong Numbers

Right when you ring someone up and get a wrong number – please appolgise or least acknowledge what you’ve just done. Don’t just go “Ohh” and hang up. I nearly broke my neck trying to answer the phone you twat.

August 20, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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What I want from a linux TV Application

Unfortunately there appears be a lack in applications that use some of the best features of DVB in the uk. What I want from a TV application is: Ability to record digital TV as it is broadcasted without any additional compression Ability to record more than one channel at once (preferably more than 2 some […]

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With no break in my normal job I find my self crewing at a festival in Keithly this weekend. Stage Management too – which to be honest is something I’m not too keen on. I am however training some other bloke up, so at least there’s someone else to do some of it. I’m also […]

August 1, 2006 · robert · 2 Comments
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