Yet Another Cacti Update

Well I’ve now got cacti pretty much sorted. Its finally running on a server with enough disk i/o to cope (it still > 3 years old, but at least it works). Its also now become important enough to be moved onto a server with support as some point. Once we’ve vitalised our File Servers, and maybe the odd DC and Citrix server.

Its now running on Debian for the next Cacti box (assuming it doesn’t have the gd bug).

What has helped with the new Cacti box is a combination of a few things – the new 1 min poller patch spreads I/O out better, and allows me to poll device which don’t do 64bit SNMP counters yet have gigabit ethernet ports every min, and leave everything else at 5 min. Improvements on plugins and a switch to cactid (a c version of the poller) has also really helped. The system now process ~400 hots in 35 seconds, dealing with ~4100 data sources and ~2200 rrd each min. Not bad.

There are a couple things that need improving however:
1) The threshold system now inspects data straight from the db before writing to the rrd files, which unfortunately causes the graphs in the email to be 1 cycle out of date (ie not show the data the emails about).
2) The Uptime+Threshold system host down email only works by patching files yourself at present when using cactid

As for ubuntu – either stop shipping cactid, or compile it again the correct version of the libraries. I’d much rather the package not be there than for it to not work, it gives people a bad impression.

May 21, 2007 · robert · Comments Closed
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