Just found a package for a bit of software in ubuntu called inputlirc.

Ubuntu lists it as:

Zeroconf LIRC daemon using input event devices
This is a small LIRC-compatible daemon that reads from /dev/input/eventX
devices and sends the received keycodes to connecting LIRC clients. Inputlircd
needs no configuration, it uses the standardised names for the keycodes as
used by the kernel. Many USB remote controls that present HID devices, as well
as multimedia keyboards should work out of the box.

Why is this good, well I just install this package and well I get full remote support – once I’ve configured the applications, which is still a pain in the arse. Now if the applications could be written to work with the zeroconfig lirc with well zero config the world will be great (well ok less un-great).

July 11, 2007 В· robert В· Comments Closed
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