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Carphone Wharehouse

I order a new phone (cheapest going Samsung E250) from the Carphone Warehouse, however due to a spending spree my credit card got denied which they didn’t inform me. Once I found out what happened rang them up to try and get the order reprocessed, only for then to try and charge me £10 more […]

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Three Update

It appears that the my3 logon details had been txt to me after all, just that the Linux software had failed to pick up the txt. I booted into windows and low and behold the message was there. Strangely enough if I send a txt message to the dongle it shows up in Linux, but […]

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Just a quick post to confirm I’m still around. The reason I haven’t been posting very often, nor seen in my usual haunts is because I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and haven spent most of the last couple of months in hospital. Will post more later.

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