Momentus XT & Linux – No more stuttering!

A while back I got a new HD for my laptop – a Momentus XT. While I haven’t been entirely happy with it – overall it was much improved on the standard laptop hd I had. Load times where quick and a restart no longer meant making a cup of tea.

Recently I’ve been doing some video editing an really started to struggle. For some reason in everything but totem video playback sucked big time. Its was struggling to load the content of the HD and would playback 5 seconds, pause 2, playback 5.

Anyway I decided to try optimise my set-up as if it was an SSD (after all there is 4gb worth of SSD on it). And I’ve got to say big improvement! Video playback is now seamless in all applications. The biggest difference was changing the elevator setting to noop.

If you want to try it see for a guide

Update: Still seem to have some issues when launching mplayer by click on a file, but if I run it from command line it seems fine. I also get the same issue with dvbcut. However the noop change does make things run a lot smother than before

Update 2:  Gnome Media player doesn’t suffer from this issue – you may just want to use that instead!

November 6, 2011 · robert · Comments Closed
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