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WPA/IPW2200/Linux/Debian 3

After hearing about Network Manager on LugRadio at Guadec I decided to give it a go. A bit of messing around – including installing the version from Testing I found out I need a new kernel for WPA. Of I went and got 2.6.17 and compiled it. Things of Note: I had to use the […]

July 6, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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Good Wireless News

After a few weeks of use – I can confirm my wireless works well by just starting wp-supplicant. No constant restarting and removing/radding of modules hoping to get a use-able speed. The speed can sometimes be a bit poor – but at least its use-able and doesn’t hinder unless transferring large files.

May 25, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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WPA/IPW2200/Linux/Debian 2

Yes once again I have to go through the pain of WPA/IPW2200/Debian/Kernel problems. Given that I have a laptop I wanted more laptop like features on my system – so I kernel upgrade was needed. Currently using: Kernel 2.6.14 -Wireless Extension v19. Debian Etch + Extra apt sources wpa_supplicant v0.4.7 Wireless-Tools version 28 The problem […]

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Wireless on Linux sucks. It seems everytime one little bit in the chain of programs, firmware and drivers changes I lose WPA capabilities. In fact currently Debian, IPW2000 and wpa_supplicent don’t work together, and apparently this happens on a number of other distributions. I have got it working, but I used a custom 2.6.12 Kernel […]

January 9, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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