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Ubuntu 10.04 and cupsaddsmb

It seems on my setup cupsaddsmb doesn’t work out of the box (even once drivers are added) the missing finial steps (for my setup is) Setup Administrators group sudo net sam createbuiltingroup Administrators sudo net sam addmem Administrators “domain\Domain Admins” sudo net sam addmem Administrators “localhost\administrator” Setup driver push sudo chgrp admin /var/lib/samba/printers cupsaddsmb -U […]

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Just found a package for a bit of software in ubuntu called inputlirc. Ubuntu lists it as: Zeroconf LIRC daemon using input event devices This is a small LIRC-compatible daemon that reads from /dev/input/eventX devices and sends the received keycodes to connecting LIRC clients. Inputlircd needs no configuration, it uses the standardised names for the […]

July 11, 2007 · robert · Comments Closed
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Yet Another Cacti Update

Well I’ve now got cacti pretty much sorted. Its finally running on a server with enough disk i/o to cope (it still > 3 years old, but at least it works). Its also now become important enough to be moved onto a server with support as some point. Once we’ve vitalised our File Servers, and […]

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GVIM/Ubuntu/Debian Syntax Highlighting

It appears in the Edgy Eft and Debian Etch that Syntax highlighting in gvim has been switched off by default. To add it back add the following line to /etc/vim/gvimrc ” Also switch on highlighting the last used search pattern. if has(“syntax”) && (&t_Co > 2 || has(“gui_running”)) syntax on set hlsearch endif

November 20, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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Ubuntu + Printing (lp etc)

It appears when when I created the first printer in ubuntu it didn’t set it as default and hence nothing that used the likes of lp would print. Easy to fix – log on. Goto system > administration and set a default printer. Still you’d have though that when I only have one printer, and […]

October 1, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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