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Gang Show

Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week I was helpping out at a local scout groups Gang show doing the lighting/sound. A smaller afair than the usual gigs, but there was a War of the World sketch where we got to pull out all the effects – Pyro, Strobe Lighting, UV, Normal Lighting and Laser pointers […]

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds @ Rios / Endless Torment @ Rios

Last weekends was a pretty good one. Spent Friday evening setting up for a Scout Gang Show. It went a tad slow and wasn’t helped by Chris dropping the Mirror Ball and having to spend most of the evening glueing tiny bits of mirrors back on it. After this headed off to Tapps and then […]

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Annie, DCAODS 2006

Just been sorting out my computer and found a few show photos I’d forgotten about. Here a couple of cracking photos (I’ll have to try and get hold of all the show photos I’m missing) click on photos for larger version In other news, my laptop screen started playing up again, took part of the […]

February 16, 2008 · robert · One Comment
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Ossett & Power

Yet another show in Ossett town hall. We are getting quite good at getting stuff setup there – however thanks to the dreadful power supply we lost all lighting right at the end of the show. It appears a massive power spike played havoc with the lighting desk and stopped it working properly. It came […]

October 16, 2005 · robert · Comments Closed
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Another week…

another show. This time in Ossett Town Hall Again. I’d had some work on it – but none of it seems to have made things easier. In fact one of the changes has made things a tiny bit harder. They replaced on of the power sockets with a new one, which is about 5-10 cm […]

May 15, 2005 · robert · Comments Closed
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Friday & Saturday Night

Managed to get some more paid op works – 11 hours of it @ a not too bad rate of £9 an hour. It was easy work too – basically keeping the volume at a decent level and occasionally playing round with the channels eqs to get it sounding best. As it was a d&b […]

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Birthday Gig

Got involved in a gig for someones birthday. Basically it was a case of playing some music and just doing to sound for one band. The full rig was taken, so things go quite loud towards the end. Myself I was on the monitor desk (which controlled all the backline thanks to the bands transport […]

April 12, 2005 · robert · One Comment
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This Year So Far….

Haven’t been really updating my Journal for a good while, so I’ll quickly go through some of the things that happened. First off is the yearly Panto, started off a bit slow but soon got into the spirt of things. Once again I was the TD and lighting desk op for most of the show. […]

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Music Concert

Well we’ve had yet another last concert at SJF, and maybe by the tenuous link of one out of the 4 band members still goes to SJF, we’ll have another couple of last gigs. I’d got the day off, all ready for an early Start at 6:30, with a H&S drilling from the care taker […]

October 7, 2004 · robert · Comments Closed
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Church Show

Have just finished the get out of a show I did in the church (well I lie – I’ve had tea and watched the Spanish Grand Prix, but what the heck). The show went very well, and I think the recording went well, but we can’t tell just yet as the studio’s not set up. […]

May 9, 2004 · robert · Comments Closed
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