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Zenoss, VMWare and Critical “is up” alerts

I’m currently working on setting up Zenoss to either replace or supplement our current network/server monitoring systems. As its in test, it got stuck on our currently relatively unused “old” vmware environment (ESX 3). After initially going well it start to go wrong. We kept getting critical alerts that a server was up. Switching zenping […]

September 6, 2009 · robert · Comments Closed
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WordPress: Stopping the Sidebar from Printing

I’ve already blogged about this, but here’s a new method on how to fix the problem. This one doesn’t bloat the site as much, and keeps the css files down to a minimum. Please note: I’m assuming you still use the default theme. Things will be slightly different with other themes, but in general the […]

August 14, 2009 · robert · Comments Closed
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Just found a package for a bit of software in ubuntu called inputlirc. Ubuntu lists it as: Zeroconf LIRC daemon using input event devices This is a small LIRC-compatible daemon that reads from /dev/input/eventX devices and sends the received keycodes to connecting LIRC clients. Inputlircd needs no configuration, it uses the standardised names for the […]

July 11, 2007 · robert · Comments Closed
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Yet Another Cacti Update

Well I’ve now got cacti pretty much sorted. Its finally running on a server with enough disk i/o to cope (it still > 3 years old, but at least it works). Its also now become important enough to be moved onto a server with support as some point. Once we’ve vitalised our File Servers, and […]

May 21, 2007 · robert · Comments Closed
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WordPress: Stopping the Sidebar from Printing

If there’s one thing that really winds me up on the net is that when printing web-pages you end up with a load of crap you didn’t want usually. For example with blogs you usually get a page or two with the content on the blog sidebar, which frankly I don’t need on a print […]

May 9, 2007 · robert · Comments Closed
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PHP5 + Mostwanted

I’ve recently upgraded from PHP4 to PHP5 to allow me to test out a couple of web apps on the same machine that runs things blog. All in all it went well, had to specify timezone in a config file for some of the code I’ve done myself – and my TV recording system doesn’t […]

December 9, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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Ubuntu + Printing (lp etc)

It appears when when I created the first printer in ubuntu it didn’t set it as default and hence nothing that used the likes of lp would print. Easy to fix – log on. Goto system > administration and set a default printer. Still you’d have though that when I only have one printer, and […]

October 1, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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Cacti Update

Well that was easy. I’ve just moved two tables to the type Memory/Heap and cacti runs like it used to (in fact a hell of a lot better than it has been doing recently.) The two tables moved are: snmp_counter64* and poller_output. Both these tables can afford to loose the data on restart – they […]

September 17, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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Well our age’ed Dell server has finally hit a limit with cacti. Currently it has: Hosts:354 Data-Sources:16943 RRDs Processed:8744 And has hit a limit with Disk i/o. What I plan to do is: Move it onto a temp virtual server. Completely rebuild the old dell with two RAID 1 sets each on 2 disks – […]

September 12, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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What I want from a linux TV Application

Unfortunately there appears be a lack in applications that use some of the best features of DVB in the uk. What I want from a TV application is: Ability to record digital TV as it is broadcasted without any additional compression Ability to record more than one channel at once (preferably more than 2 some […]

August 2, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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