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I’ve just imported all my blog items from Live Journal It’s 99% waffle which I’m currently editing down a bit.  It’s also typo city so could be a difficult read for some. Once done maybe I’ll actually post something new here.      

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Hello, is there anybody out there?

I take it no one reads Live Journals anymore? If by chance you actually do drop me a quick comment

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Cancer and Me: The start?

Given I’ve got time on my hands I’d thought I’d finally try and get this down in writing before I forget. The story possibly goes back to 2007, although I have no idea if these incidents are really linked, it is possible it has been going on since then. Late 2007 A couple of times […]

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New Blog Post – Time for Change

There a new post up on my blog – it sort of crosses the line between my LJ and the other blog so I’d thought I’d link to it:

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Time for Change

(And I mean real change). I’ve know for some years our political system is in trouble. With the election of Tony Blair (although previous PM’s did pave the way) the position of Prime Minister seems to be more and more presidential. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if we had a system designed around […]

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Its Back

Its looking increasing likely that I have cancer again. I was always told I was at high risk of it returning, but the risk had been decreasing every month. Unfortunately a couple of blood tests look bad and I’ve got a CT scan to goto next week to figure out if anything shows up and […]

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Move or not

I’ve been messing around with wordpress a lot for the new gearstones site. I’m very tempted to switch to wordpress and move all my blog items there from livejournal, as to be honest bar DrNerdware no one else posts here anymore. If anyone still reads this what do you think?

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Nearly lost gpx trace

Yet again I get to copying sd traces from my gps and find that the file systems corrupt. However this time I’ve tried to recover it. I ran an fsck on the card and it found lots of little 16kb chunks. Great. A little perseverance with gpsbabel and I’ve managed to combine them (chucking out […]

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Nautilus SVN

At last someone started working on decent SVN support in nautilus: Great for my various documents etc I’m currently storing in subversion.

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P1050072, originally uploaded by Pobice. Gone up to Gearstones with the family (well Mum and Dad) and heres whats was in the car park. View the rest of the collection for “The Shepherd”.

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