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Silly networker error message

This has been bugging me for a while.  Every so often after I get a waiting for tape message which is then handeled it get NetWorker media request: (critical) Waiting for 0 writable volume(s) to backup pool ‘Daily’ tape on Huh?  I suppose strictly I should go and remove all writable volumes(s) from the pool […]

January 8, 2012 · robert · Comments Closed
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AutoIT: _WordDocFindReplace in TextBox + Disable Macros

The Default _WordDocFindReplace only works with pretty standard word documents (It’s more the fault of the way VBA’s find function work the word.au3). However thanks to a few VBA samples on the web I’ve managed to come up with some code to get around this issue. First do your normal find & replace to catch […]

July 22, 2011 · robert · Comments Closed
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Just added another plug-in to cacti over the last couple of weeks – weathermap. Basically allows you to draw diagrams of you’re network, and it takes data from the rrd files and displays different coloured arrows show the percentage of the link used. Basically allowing you to see whats going on, on your network and […]

July 2, 2006 · robert · Comments Closed
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SMS broke my Citrix Servers

Well ok it didn’t brake them, just upset them a little bit. It appears after some other Hospital installed SMS to our new domain at forest level and didn’t enter in any boundaries, nor exclude servers SMS has ended up on all of the new Citrix serves. This wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t […]

December 13, 2005 · robert · Comments Closed
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