Cancer and Me: The start?

Given I’ve got time on my hands I’d thought I’d finally try and get this down in writing before I forget. The story possibly goes back to 2007, although I have no idea if these incidents are really linked, it is possible it has been going on since then. Late 2007 A couple of times […]

October 4, 2010 · robert · Comments Closed
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Its Back

Its looking increasing likely that I have cancer again. I was always told I was at high risk of it returning, but the risk had been decreasing every month. Unfortunately a couple of blood tests look bad and I’ve got a CT scan to goto next week to figure out if anything shows up and […]

January 8, 2010 · robert · One Comment
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Just a quick post to confirm I’m still around. The reason I haven’t been posting very often, nor seen in my usual haunts is because I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and haven spent most of the last couple of months in hospital. Will post more later.

August 23, 2008 · robert · 3 Comments
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