Momentus XT & Linux – No more stuttering!

A while back I got a new HD for my laptop – a Momentus XT. While I haven’t been entirely happy with it – overall it was much improved on the standard laptop hd I had. Load times where quick and a restart no longer meant making a cup of tea. Recently I’ve been doing […]

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Zenoss, VMWare and Critical “is up” alerts

I’m currently working on setting up Zenoss to either replace or supplement our current network/server monitoring systems. As its in test, it got stuck on our currently relatively unused “old” vmware environment (ESX 3). After initially going well it start to go wrong. We kept getting critical alerts that a server was up. Switching zenping […]

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Nautilus SVN

At last someone started working on decent SVN support in nautilus: Great for my various documents etc I’m currently storing in subversion.

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Three Update

It appears that the my3 logon details had been txt to me after all, just that the Linux software had failed to pick up the txt. I booted into windows and low and behold the message was there. Strangely enough if I send a txt message to the dongle it shows up in Linux, but […]

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Hurray – I’ve just found out debian’s version of gthumb works! (Using the package from lenny as it newer than the one in ubuntu and therefore has the delete bug fixed).

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Ubuntu Hardy Review

Just upgrade 3 machines to Hardy. All have gone relatively smooth One wouldn’t boot, but t hats my fault for not fixing grub properly before upgrading, the other two went well. Mythtv box still works fine (in fact it appears to have fixed a few issues). Works PC works Laptop – Fine as well. In […]

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RL5c476 II Card Reader

I’ve just got a SD card for my GPS and hence have found the card reader in my laptop still does not work for ‘out of the box’. However there is at least a driver for it and it seems to work Installations a dodle too, extract the file. Make, make install and stick a […]

March 3, 2008 · robert · One Comment
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I’ve Finally Given In….

Finally given in and go myself an ASUS eeeeEEEEeeeePC, well ordered one. Only got the Black one, but I’ve got a 4b SDHC card with it for storage (and I usually have my 40gb iRiver with me anyway). Why? Well my laptop is a ASUS desktop replacement job, so is a bit hefty to lug […]

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fail2ban & wuftpd

I use fail2ban as a basic protection for my server. It also makes logcheck emails a tad more reable by cutting down on the number of login attempts to SSH and FTP.

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