3 Inches of Blood @ Leeds Rios

P1000657.JPG, originally uploaded by Pobice. About 4pm on Friday I got a call which saying can I come upto Rios and setup the stage for the support bands and do the change over. So as soon as I finished work I nipped home, got changed picked up some supplies and was on the first train […]

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Gang Show

Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week I was helpping out at a local scout groups Gang show doing the lighting/sound. A smaller afair than the usual gigs, but there was a War of the World sketch where we got to pull out all the effects – Pyro, Strobe Lighting, UV, Normal Lighting and Laser pointers […]

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Annie, DCAODS 2006

Just been sorting out my computer and found a few show photos I’d forgotten about. Here a couple of cracking photos (I’ll have to try and get hold of all the show photos I’m missing) click on photos for larger version In other news, my laptop screen started playing up again, took part of the […]

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West Fest

I was involved in a free music festival at Clayton West called West Fest. It was just one day and 15 bands (or something like that – I never checked how many they actually where – think it may have dropped down to 12). It was a long weekend for me – tiring but fun. […]

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Yesterday was West Fest. Lots happened, good fun was had and more photos were taken – but I had to put this one up: Needless to say ….. Er DOH! Update: Just in case you can’t spot the damage:

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The second show went well in osset. I was only really involved with the Dress Rehearsals and the first show in Friday as I was working on Saturday. I was in work due a new radiology system going live and we’d got drafted in to fix any last minute issues. Couple of things did go […]

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Birthday Gig

Got involved in a gig for someones birthday. Basically it was a case of playing some music and just doing to sound for one band. The full rig was taken, so things go quite loud towards the end. Myself I was on the monitor desk (which controlled all the backline thanks to the bands transport […]

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This Year So Far….

Haven’t been really updating my Journal for a good while, so I’ll quickly go through some of the things that happened. First off is the yearly Panto, started off a bit slow but soon got into the spirt of things. Once again I was the TD and lighting desk op for most of the show. […]

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Music Concert

Well we’ve had yet another last concert at SJF, and maybe by the tenuous link of one out of the 4 band members still goes to SJF, we’ll have another couple of last gigs. I’d got the day off, all ready for an early Start at 6:30, with a H&S drilling from the care taker […]

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Update (long)

Well here a small update of what has happened since my last entry (over a month ago):

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